Following the  COP26 in Glasgow, the Law Society have pledged to reach net zero by 2050 and are actively encouraging other law firms to reduce their carbon footprints and become more environmentally sustainable to help tackle the climate crisis. They have provided some advice on reducing carbon emissions and have listed their aims within their Climate Change Resolution.

Some law firms and legal service providers have been making changes to help with the climate crisis for many years. We have listed some of pour top environmentally friendly law firms and legal service providers below:

  1. Forsters LLP are members of the the Legal Sustainability Alliance and the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance. They have been offsetting their emissions since 2007 and work alongside the Achilles Carbon Reduce certification programme to reduce their carbon emissions each year.  They are currently working to have absolute scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2030 from their 2019 baseline year. They are also obtaining validation for their emission reduction target with the Science Based Target initiative.
  2. Herbert Smith Freehills have pledged to reach net zero by 2030. Some of their aims include reducing overall emissions by 50%, using 100% renewable energy and ensuring the majority of their suppliers have science-based targets for reducing their emissions.
  3. Burges Salmon are also members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance and pledge to focus on achieving net zero within their operations and services. The majority of energy used to power their offices comes from renewable sources. They participate in a number of biodiversity and conservation projects.
  4. Greener Costs provide a legal costs drafting company whilst helping law firms to achieve net zero through use of their services. Greener Costs plant 5 trees for every set of instructions they receive. Furthermore, they are a fully digital company who aim to offset the carbon emissions of all team members as well as assisting law firms to offset their emissions.
  5. Leigh Day are members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance. They aim to implement sustainability and commit to doing all they can to reduce pollution and waste as well as to use renewable and recyclable materials wherever possible. They also use sustainable resources wherever possible.

Reducing the impact of business on the environment has become a top priority for thousands of UK law firms. There are many things businesses can do to reach net zero and eliminate the effects of pollution and greenhouse gas. Most firms are now moving towards renewable energy sources, encouraging staff to recycle and use recyclable materials, and using environmentally conscious companies within the supply chain.