Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution which is widely encouraged by Courts in all types of disputes. Your Legal Advisor has provided a list of benefits of using mediation to settle a legal dispute below:

What are the benefits of mediation use?

There are many advantages of using mediation to resolve disputes rather than resorting to Court proceedings. Some of which include: 

·        Quick – Mediation is a quick method of dispute resolution as it aids parties to find mediated agreements between parties in an efficient manner.

 ·        Cost effective – Settling legal disputes through court proceedings is typically expensive, and the overall costs can be substantial. Resolving legal disputes through mediation can be much more cost effective than going to trial. 

·        Fair – Legal mediators are always neutral, meaning that both parties agreeing have full control of the outcome. The mediator will take all views into account and guide both parties through the process towards a mediated settlement. 

·        Flexible- Mediation generally enables parties to achieve flexible outcomes that a court could not order. This can help to retain personal and work relationships between parties. 

·        Confidentiality – Disputes that are resolved through Court proceedings can become a very public process. Disputes that are settled through mediation methods, such as alternative dispute resolution, can remain an entirely confidential process to both parties. 

·        Greater control – Using mediation can give both parties more control over the solution of the dispute as there is no legal obligation to accept mediated agreements if they are not entirely satisfied with them.

Our experienced mediators are regulated and come from strong legal backgrounds. All our mediators are fully trained and participate in continuous professional development and legal problem solving. We are able to assist in a range of disputes, including commercial contracts, employment disputes, personal injury claims, clinical negligence claims and dispute resolution processes. If you wish to speak to one of the team to find out more about our civil mediation services, then please contact us at or by telephone on 01204263049.