Greener Costs, a newly established legal costs company has been set up with a pledge to tackle climate change through their legal drafting services. Greener Costs is the UK’s first net positive legal costs company. Their aim is to help law firms that use their services to become more carbon neutral. They run a  completely paperless operation, offset our staff’s carbon emissions and help law firms with carbon offsetting by planting 25 trees for each instruction. At the end of each year, the firm promises to send a report to all clients detailing how much of their emissions have been offset by instructing the Greener Costs team.

Thomas Higginbottom, Director of Greener Costs states that he has always had an interest in improving the environment and tackling the climate change issue.

The Law Society are also actively encouraging all law firms and those working within the legal industry to develop a climate conscious approach to working within the industry. They published a climate change resolution to encourage those within the legal profession to take the lead in the race to net zero and help reduce climate change risks to our planet.

Some of the legal costs services offered by Greener Costs include:

Why choose Greener Costs to help your law firm tackle climate change?

 Following the Law Society Climate Change Pledge, you may be looking for a way to make your law form more environmentally friendly; Greener Costs can help you with this using their legal costs drafting services.

Greener Costs are a team of expert law costs draftsmen with many years of experience in the field. They can assist on any legal costs dispute whether you are the paying party of the receiving party.

Greener Costs can assist from the outset of a case by assisting in the drafting of retainers, right through to the settlement of a case by drafting bills of costs, points of dispute and points of reply.

In addition to their drafting services, at Greener Costs, they are actively doing everything they can to ensure our business benefits the environment. For a free, no obligation discussion, get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page, or contact