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Law Firm Technology and the Impact of the Pandemic

The legal industry has a reputation for being a bit conservative and behind the times when it comes to technology. Although there may be some firms that were already embracing law firm technology before the pandemic, the legal industry is not one which is known for being particularly tech savvy. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all businesses, including those within the legal services industry. Fortunately, as there are many types of business and legal technology solutions available to Solicitors and legal professionals, many have been able to continue to work remotely whilst providing a great level of service to clients.

The pandemic has meant that many firms have been forced to adapt and embrace law firm technology in order to survive. So, has the pandemic had any positive impacts for the growth of law firm technology, and what impact will the pandemic have on the future of legal tech?

Law Firm Technology Before the Pandemic

Pre-lockdown, many law firms had started to embrace and utilise new technology and there was actually a small technological revolution happening within many practice areas. Some firms started making use of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and website chatbots to provide legal advice. Many firms had also begun utilising software to assist in performing due diligence, as well as increasing efficiency and profitability.

Case management systems, such as Proclaim, have been used by a large number of law firms for some time now. The Proclaim case management system is particularly useful as it can be developed in a number of ways to improve efficiency of file handlers by automating tasks, optimising workflows, and seamlessly integrating with third party systems.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Law Firm Technology

Although some law firms had already started to become more tech focussed before the pandemic, there were still many firms who had not embraced technology much further beyond word processing, and completely rejected the idea of a “paperless system.” The coronavirus pandemic meant that many tech-phobic firms had to adapt and make the most of these new disruptive technologies.

Many firms will have started using video conference calling technologies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the first time.

Will this forced change lead to a new way of working for legal teams? And will the more traditional law firms who relied on on-premise systems become more flexible in their ways of working?

Law Firm Technology Benefits

Welcoming and accepting technology as an integral mechanism of a law firm will have huge benefits for all staff. Management will have peace of mind that day-to-day work will be able to continue seamlessly in times of crisis, such as during a pandemic when staff are required to work from home.

Systems, such as Proclaim, offer cloud based services which allow file handlers to have access to their system from anywhere in the world. The also provide an app, Proclaim Go, which allows staff to access their files on the go.

After the pandemic, we may see a huge shift in the number of law firms permitting their staff to work form home, allowing increased flexibility and a better work/life balance for employees.

Many firms will have witnessed the many benefits of this new way of working and some may even consider having less staff in offices full time.

Utilising technology to allow remote working is very cost effective and may help to reduce overheads for many businesses, especially if smaller premises are required.

Many will have also noticed the increased efficiency gained through use of a case management system and various other types of software which staff have now been required to use to carry out their day-today tasks. For those who have now incorporated a paperless system, they will have noted the ease of for file handlers as all their files will be accessible from one central database. All information relevant to cases and files can be accessed using the system, limiting the need to take paperwork out of the office.

How Can Legal Practice Support Assist?

Legal Practice Support can provide assistance for law firms in accessing their Proclaim, and other case management systems remotely. We are also experienced in taking out-of-the-box Proclaim legal software and developing it to automate processes and reduce administrative tasks, both of which are of great use when having to work remotely.

Having been active in the Legal IT industry for over seven years, we have invaluable experience managing IT systems for firms as small as 30 people all the way up to enterprise clients with over 300. Furthermore, we are accustomed to working with multiple other stakeholders to resolve any IT problems that might arise.

If you would like to discuss how a Proclaim Developer from the LPS team could assist your law firm, please do not hesitate to contact for further information